Heathcote Investment Partners Financial Investment strategies

A central principle underlying all of Heathcote’s managers is that active financial investment adds value. In this increasingly volatile investment world, we are strong believers that investors not only get what they pay for, but must be mindful of both added performance and preservation of capital.

Funds that access a world of opportunities

Whatever your investment goals, our partnerships with leading investment managers provide a diverse selection of funds that span a range of asset classes.

Absolute Return Investments

Real Estate Investments

Listed Infrastructure

Australasian Equities

Fixed Income Investments

Multi Sector Investments

Global Equities

Regional Investments

Income Investments

Our Role in your Business

Drawing on past asset gathering successes in Australasia and Asia, Heathcote provides leading investment managers with a deliberate and targeted campaign, designed to deliver a combination of key meetings, annual proprietary forums, roadshows and ongoing educational events allowing the Manager and financial services industry continuous interaction and collaboration.

Heathcote Investment Partners conducts 18 months+ due diligence on any investment capability, choosing to represent only one of anything. Our preference remains to represent only those Managers who are seeking to put investor’s ambitions ahead of their own, as many do their best work when they have less funds under management.

Heathcote promotes these capabilites to the New Zealand industry through a series of proprietary events, including the bi-annual Meet the Managers roadshow, annual Best of Breed research tour, and numerous other industry events. The intention of these continues to bring together leading investment professionals to provide ongoing education (& CPD credits) and value-adding activities.

Our Events

Effective communication is an essential element of Heathcote’s value proposition. Heathcote Investment Partners operates a series of proprietary events which are branded and designed to expose Client capabilities and views to a variety of segmented audiences.

Upcoming Events

Why Heathcote

We are highly experienced and have a reputable track record in designing, developing and implementing effective business development strategies in the financial services industry.
We work with a partnership approach to ensure that our Clients are receiving significant consulting and implementation support together with regular feedback on the progress of pre-determined business development activity plans.
Financial Investment strategies for optimum returns

The Benefits

The main benefits for Managers in working with Heathcote Investment Partners include:

Capitalising on strong New Zealand industry relationships and industry profile
Immediate local representation for a relationship-centric and parochial New Zealand financial services industry
Diversification of funds flows – without distracting Managers from core manufacturing and distribution opportunities
Provide a relatively lower entry cost to retaining, developing and enhancing a New Zealand industry presence
Provide a more effective alternative to a branch structure or commuting strategy

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