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ASIA articles

July 2017

China’s Strong Second-Quarter GDP Growth Paves Way for Deeper Reforms : China’s economy expanded faster-than-expected in the second quarter, setting the country on course to comfortably meet its 2017 growth target and giving policymakers room to tackle big economic challenges ahead of key leadership changes later this year.

Global Funds Scramble to be Early Birds in China’s MSCI Entry :  Global fund managers are ramping up their presence in China, aiming to be well ahead of next June’s inclusion of mainland-listed stocks into MSCI’s benchmark index that is set to boost investment into the economy’s $8 trillion equity market.

Time : It is said that, during President Nixon’s visit to Beijing in 1972, the Chinese premier, Zhou Enlai, was famously asked for his view of the impact of the French Revolution. Zhou remarked that it was ‘too early to say’, a quote which is often used to emphasise the differences between China and the western world when it comes to measuring a reasonable time-frame.