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Janus Henderson Investors is a leading global active asset manager. We exist to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Our active management offers clients the opportunity to outperform passive portfolios over the course of market cycles. We aim to do this by taking on appropriate levels of risk and offering products and strategies at reasonable fees.

The outlook for markets in the foreseeable future suggests returns are likely to be lower on a relative basis and more volatile than they have been in the past decade. In this environment, the value of active management could be crucial.

We are also in a time of accelerating change that is reshaping the way people live their lives. This can be unsettling and make it harder to achieve financial goals.

At an investment level, disruption poses both challenges and opportunities and our managers apply their experience within the context of risk versus reward, seeking to ensure clients are on the right side of change. In this way, we hope to offer a welcome level of stability and predictability in a volatile world.


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