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Clayton Coplestone is a regular contributor to the mainstream & industry media, providing thought leadership in areas ranging from the future of the financial services industry to observations on various participants.

He has written, co-authored and published a number of articles and papers over the years, and continues to do so.

Keep Calm and Carry On


The art of creating truly personalised investment portfolios transcends mere paint-by-numbers asset allocation or join-the-dots product placement…

Supply Side Jitters


As the wealth management industry enters a new phase of uncertainty around markets and investor preferences ….


Rhyming Times


What an interesting year it was, with geopolitical events filling our news, artificial intelligence threatening …


Two & Two are Still Four


George Burns once advised to look forward into the future, as that’s where you’ll spend most of your life…

Simple Long / Short Comparison


A simple Long/Short Comparison Spreadsheet Calculation                                                                                                                               

Seduction of Long / Short Funds


The marketing brochures continue to tell us that the main advantage of adopting a long/short equity…

Land of the Long White Crowd


For many Australian domiciled fund managers, the allure of raising assets following a 3-hour flight to NZ…

Confidence in Supply


According to the NZ Companies Office Disclose Register, there are 717 Managed Investment Schemes…

Great Debate – Active vs Passive


I’m always thinking about losing money as opposed to making money.  Don’t focus on making money…

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