Marketing in New Zealand

Together with our proven track record within the Asia/Pacific financial services industry, and our knowledge of the portfolio construction requirements of various New Zealand intermediaries and Institutions Heathcote Investment Partners is able to provide local and international investment managers with an effective mechanism to promote their capabilities.

Why you should choose Heathcote Investment Partners?

We are highly experienced and have a reputable track record in designing, developing and implementing effective business development strategies in the Asia/Pacific financial services industry.

We work with a partnership approach to expose you, our business partners to relevant jurisdictions until it is desirable for you to continue on your own – if that is your intention.

This results in you receiving significant consulting and implementation support together with regular feedback on the progress of pre-determined business development activity plans.

Why outsource your business to Heathcote Investment Partners?

Heathcote Investment Partners provides a complete business development service that provides numerous benefits for you:

  • Focus — you can focus on the primary purpose of investment management, while outsourcing business development tasks to Heathcote Investment Partners
  • Speed to market — to replicate the capabilities provided by Heathcote Investment Partners will take you quite some time, and can be a distraction from accelerating business development in other key jurisdictions.
  • Reduced cost — effective business development is expensive to do in-house.
  • Resources – Heathcote Investment Partners has a proven track record of developing asset gathering businesses in Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Ultimately it’s not what you know it’s who you know that makes the difference.
  • Relationships – Heathcote Investment Partners provides efficient access to key individuals and decision makers.
  • Heathcote Investment Partners can assist with the development of a non confrontational brand in the New Zealand market, through the provision of an appropriate branded gateway.

How does Heathcote Investment Partners assist your business?

Heathcote Investment Partners adds value through numerous activities, including:

  • Coordinating products onto ‘Approved Product Lists’
  • Produce a 12 month Business Development Activity Plan
  • First-point-of-contact for New Zealand enquiries
  • Capitalising on strong industry relationships and profile
  • Local representation for relationship-centric New Zealand industry
  • Diversify funds flow – without distracting from core manufacturing and distribution capabilities
  • Frequent feedback on the New Zealand industry to assist in future regional product strategies
  • More effective approach to developing New Zealand market than a branch or commuting strategy