Our Company

Heathcote Investment Partners was established in 2008 by Clayton Coplestone, to become New Zealand’s leading third party distributor of boutique investment services to family offices, financial intermediaries, institutions and authorised financial advisors.

Drawing on past asset gathering successes in Australasia and Asia, Heathcote Investment Partners provides leading investment managers with a deliberate and targeted campaign, designed to deliver a combination of key meetings, annual proprietary forums, roadshows and ongoing educational events allowing the manager and financial services industry continuous interaction and collaboration.

Heathcote Investment Partners is a regular contributor to mainstream & industry media, providing thought leadership in areas ranging from the future of the financial services industry to observations on various participants. Heathcote Investment Partners and their exclusive managers are well regarded in the industry as providing timely and relevant contributions and thus are frequently sort presenters at industry conferences & forums.

Heathcote Investment Partners each year hosts a number of their own industry events throughout NZ designed specifically for the New Zealand financial industry. The intention of these events is to bring together leading investment professionals to provide ongoing education (& CPD credits) and value adding to your business.