Meet the Managers Roadshow :
will be held online 23 November 2021


P..Originating in 2011, this bi-annual roadshow has been designed by Heathcote Investment Partners to bring investment professionals together.

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions our Roadshow has been rescheduled and will go completely online

23 November 2021
9am – 2pm


We have a fantastic selection of NZ & overseas fund managers lined up to present.

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Thank you for joining us online, if you would like to refer back to the presentation or were unable to attend please find a copy of each Fund Managers presentation below…



 PDF Presentations from 23 NOV: 

Allan Gray 
Castle Point
Janus Henderson
Maple-Brown Abbott












LINKS to Presentations:





 5THEME : Back to Basics

When you invest in a fund, do you understand that fund’s business? How does it make money? Does it have a competitive advantage in its sector exposure? Is it asset gathering or putting the interests of your investors first?

Marijuana and cryptocurrency are two recent examples of investments that some funds have bought without knowing much about them at all. They are what are called “cocktail party” buys, as you hear about them at parties and then go out and invest the next day for fear of missing out.

So, how do we get back to investing basics? Using knowledge, not getting emotional, diversifying, and buying low (selling high), avoiding flavours of the month, and most importantly understanding – first-hand – what your fund managers are aiming to achieve.

With so much content, we look forward to seeing you at one of the venues in November.



Full attendance at the conference constitutes 5 hours of learning. If it is a learning aim within your 2021 Professional Development Plan, you may decide that this learning constitutes 5 Code Structured Hours. 


This invitation is open to professional financial intermediaries only who are “wholesale clients” for the purposes of the Financial Advisers Act 2008 (as described in section 5c of the Act)


We strongly encourage all investment professionals to attend these presentations to hear first-hand the outlook and views from some of the industry’s leading investment management entities.

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