THEME : Navigating the Way Forward

LINK ; Learning, Information, Networking and Knowledge to help you navigate the way forward

This invitation-only event has been deliberately limited in numbers to ensure that all delegates gain the most from their experience.

Separated into two distinctive days, we hope that you were tested and challenged by our presenters and your peers, and that it helped you to navigate your way through an arguably unique time in history.

Day one  Practice Management techniques and experiences, from presenters who have been there and done that. We will also stretch your mind with a look into the changing demographic landscape before finishing with an insight from a genuine client.

Day two Investment Masterclass which throws away the pitchbooks to give you a hands-on look into the art and science of managing money. The day will include a seat at an actual Investment Management meeting together with various presenters unpacking their investment management techniques



Full attendance at the Adviser Retreat constitutes 16 hours of learning. If it is a learning aim within your 2023 Professional Development Plan, you may decide that this learning constitutes 16 Code Structured Hours.


This event is strictly invitation only to professional financial intermediaries only who are “wholesale clients” for the purposes of the Financial Advisers Act 2008 (as described in section 5c of the Act)